Vice-Chancellor of Research of ENS, France in Sharif

Professor Yves Laszlo, French mathematician and Vice-Chancellor of Research at ENS, France, visited Sharif on July 18, 2017. In the meeting, which was held at SUT’s International Affairs Office, Dr. Movahedi, Vice-President of Research, Dr. Daneshgar, Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Dr. Ghofrani, Head of the Energy Engineering Department, Dr. Kia, Professor at the Department of Chemistry, and Dr. Massoumian, International Affairs Consultant played host to Dr. Laszlo.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Massoumian briefed Dr. Laszlo about Sharif University of Technology. The participants also discussed the possible lines of cooperation between ENS and SUT. Following the meeting, Dr. Laszlo introduced ENS to the participants. As he put it, according to QS rankings, ENS is the best university in France. This university consists of seven humanities and eight Natural Sciences departments. Moreover, there are 10 Fields Medal winners and 12 Noble laureates among its alumni.

Finally, the parties decided to start the collaboration between the institutes in terms of short-term internship programs for Masters and PhD students, faculty exchange programs, and double degree programs in two or three disciplines. It was also decided that an MoU be signed between the universities in the near future.

Afterwards, Professor Laszlo visited Sharif Technology Services Complex, Institute for Nano Science and Nanotechnology, and several labs in the Department of Chemistry.