SUT Post-Ph.D. Student Excels in International Project

Dr. Ali Ashtari Esfahani, a post-Ph.D. student from the Department of Physics at SUT participated in an international scientific collaboration known as Project 8. The project's findings were published in the prestigious Physical Review Letters journal.

In this project, researchers used a novel approach to establish a limit on the mass of neutrinos.

The researchers of Project 8 have successfully recorded the beta decay spectrum of the tritium molecule through an indirect method, making a significant breakthrough in the field. In this approach, when an electron is placed in a magnetic field, it starts moving in a spiral path and as a result, it emits energy in the form of radiation. By measuring the frequency of this radiation, it is possible to determine the amount of energy carried by the electron.

These researchers succeeded in obtaining the limit of 150 eV/c2 on the effective mass of a neutrino with the help of this method and building a primary sample with a volume of cubic centimeter order. They hope to enhance the test sensitivity to measure the neutrino mass up to 0.04 eV/c2 in the final phase through a sample with a volume of cubic meter order.