SUT Faculty Member Published a Scientific Article in “Journal of Materials Chemistry A”

Dr. Esfandiar has published an article in “Journal of Materials Chemistry A", the most widely recognized journal in chemistry and materials science. In his study of osmotic power generation from seawater and river water, Ali Esfandiar, a faculty member in SUT's department of physics, examines the use of oppositely charged MXene fibers.

Ion-exchange membrane-based reverse electrodialysis (RED) shows great potential for harvesting osmotic energy from seawater and converting it to electricity. However, their low energy conversion efficiency and huge ionic resistance hinder their application on large scales.

The implementation of nanofluidic channels in RED devices can significantly improve the performance of osmotic power generators due to their selective and fast ion transport. However, technical challenges in scalable processing at the nanoscale and ion-selective membranes restrict their development in economically viable generators

“Journal of Materials Chemistry A” publishes weekly peer-reviewed scientific articles on topics related to energy and sustainability, including synthesis, properties, and applications.

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