Sharif University of Technology Upholds Top Position in THE 2023 Amongst Rival Universities

“Times Higher Education World University Ranking” (THE) is one of the most prestigious and reliable ranking systems for higher education institutions. The results are published annually in October, and the latest result for THE 2023 is out

Sharif University of Technology (SUT) has maintained its last two years place, 400-500, among selected THE universities. SUT also achieved the best place of universities in Tehran and 4th place in the country. Outstandingly, this notes a mark of progress for SUT, because last year the number of designated universities was around 1650 but this year the number was almost 1800. Medical schools around the world generally get higher rankings in THE, and Iranian Medical Universities managed to earn acceptable places in 2023.  

It is worth mentioning that SUT was ranked 73 in the world in the sub-category of “Industry Income”.