Sharif University of Technology to Host 47th International Collegiate Programming Contest

The Department of Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology (SUT) has announced that it will be hosting the 47th International Collegiate Programming Contest on May 18-19, 2023. The annual programming contest, which has been held since 1977, aims to develop programming skills among university students and provide them with an opportunity to compete at an international level.

The contest will challenge participants to solve a series of complex programming problems within a set timeframe. The winners of the contest will go on to represent their respective universities at the international competition round. The event is expected to draw participants from universities around the world and provide a platform for students to showcase their programming skills and talent.

The International Collegiate Programming Contest is a highly anticipated event in the world of computer science and engineering and serves as a valuable opportunity for young programmers to network with their peers and showcase their talents. SUT's Department of Computer Engineering is proud to host the contest and looks forward to welcoming participants from around the world to its campus in May 2023.

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