The scientific lecture on Carbon Selective Catalytic Reduction (CSCR), hosted by the UNESCO Chair of Sharif University of Technology and in cooperation with the Basel and Stockholm Convention Center in Iran, was held on Saturday, May 20, 1401, in Dr. Borghei Hall of Sharif University of Technology.In this program, Eddie Johnson Francesco and Timo Harig, CEO and Process Engineer of the German company WKV introduced CSCR. Carbon Selective Catalytic Reduction (CSCR) CSCR is one of the dry air pollution emission removal processes. This process involves injecting exhaust gas from industrial chimneys into activated carbon substrates installed in the absorber modules. This removes pollutants such as SOx, NOx, and heavy metals from the exhaust gas.Studies on the history of gaseous pollution removal technologies, reviews of the CSCR process, characteristics and specifications of activated carbon types, chemical processes of NOx, SOx, and hydrogen sulfide removal in adsorption towers, evaluation of activated carbon reduction processes in a reduction tower, and evaluations of the environmental impact of this technology on various industries were discussed.



Eddie Johnson Francesco

Timo Harig