Sports Complex


Since the establishment of SUT, physical education center has put a great effort set the stage for students to lead a healthy life. In the wake of that, systematic steps have been taken over the years to kindle the interest of students to care about their physical/mental health and to boost their productivity. What is more, there has been a wide variety of sport activities and competitions begotten outstanding achievements. 


Extracurricular sport activities 

SUT provides extracurricular sport activities for students, faculty members, and staff. 


Females: physical fitness, skating, badminton, bodybuilding, basketball, pilates, table tennis, rock climbing, chess, swimming, futsal, karate, mountaineering, yoga, and physical balance.  
Males:  physical fitness, badminton, bodybuilding, basketball, taekwondo, table tennis, judo, rock climbing, chess, swimming, futsal, karate, wrestling, mountaineering, and volleyball. 

Staff and faculties: 

Females: aerobics, bodybuilding, pilates, table tennis, swimming, volleyball, yoga, and physical balance. 
Males: physical fitness, bodybuilding, table tennis, futsal, and volleyball. 


Noteworthy is the fact that various teams from SUT participate in student’s sport olympiads, regional or nationwide sports competitions as well as staff competitions every year. These efforts have resulted in impressive achievements in different competitions over the past years.