Article by a Research Group at SUT Published in a Highly Cited Journal on Nano Energy

A group of researchers of Convergent Technologies Research Center Nano Institute from Sharif University of Technology (SUT) has succeeded in making the ″Transparent and flexible touch on/off switch based on BaTiO3/silicone polymer triboelectric nanogenerator″.

Wearable electronic devices and human-machine interfaces can benefit from these electronic touch screens. Since computers are widely used at different levels these days, human-machine interaction has become extremely important. Among the requirements of electronic devices as human-machine interfaces are their lightness, flexibility, elasticity, and transparency.

Triboelectric nanogenerators are based on the production and induction of charge due to impact or frictional rubbing. In this way, these devices can provide the necessary energy for wearable electronic devices from human-body movements.

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