Campus Life


Accommodation of students has always been a major concern for them, their families, and the university’s officials. This issue is one of the priorities of welfare services provided by universities and higher education institutes. The Accommodation Affairs Office of SUT is one of the most important offices of the Student Affairs Deputy, having as its main task to provide suitable accommodation services for students.

Health Cloud

Sharif University of Technology, as the leading university in the development of technology infrastructure, has been working hard to play a role as an active and capable cooperator with the health system of the country. The super-health system is a smart system based on a self-care model. This system tries to improve the quality of life and promote healthy lifestyle by combining modern technologies and health knowledge.

Counselling Centre

This center aims at improving the mental hygiene of students by offering consultation and psychotherapy to students. This center is one of the most successful centers of its kind among Iran’s universities.

Sports Complex

The activities of the office of physical education are 1) education: offering physical education 1 and 2 courses (in sports like basketball, football, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, and table tennis), 2) extracurricular activities: consisting of 16 sports; badminton, bodybuilding, basketball, taekwondo, table tennis, judo, rock climbing, chess, swimming, futsal, karate, wrestling, kung fu, mountain climbing, and volleyball, fencing, and 3) research activities: evaluation and examination of the physical condition of students and doing the related tests.


Aims at providing healthy foods to promote food safety and the physical and mental health of students, professors, and staff. The on-campus restaurant of SUT caters to students and faculties with Iranian cuisine. The mission of SUT is to ensure exemplary dining experiences begetting the development of a vibrant campus community. We zero in on providing the SUT family with healthy and high-quality meals during the academic year. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our dining program has witnessed seismic changes (takeaways) to reduce the risk for all.

Students' Welfare

One of the offices of the Student Affairs Administration and as a bridge between the University and the Welfare Fund for Students to provide students with welfare services. students, staff, and faculty that will be visiting all dining facilities.